add remove What is CUBODOMO?

CUBODOMO allows you to manage the remote heating system intelligently, reducing energy consumption by up to 40%. It interacts both with radiant heating systems and radiant heating systems.

add remove Will CUBODOMO save me on the bill?

Yes, CUBODOMO saves you especially because the user uses home heating only when it is needed and only in the rooms he uses; In addition to weekly planning, the user can intervene anytime and anywhere on their system in an easy and intuitive way, reducing energy waste to the maximum.

add remove CUBODOMO has fixed subscription costs?

No, the CUBODOMO portal and apps are free for all users.

add remove What does the CUBODOMO base kit contain?

The CUBODOMO Base Kit contains a Cube with power supply and a temperature probe (with internal relay). MyCUBODOMO app is free and freely downloadable from Play Store and Itunes.

add remove How does the CUBODOMO Cube work?

The Cube constitutes the intelligence of CUBODOMO. Communicate with all the other elements thanks to a low frequency radio module. Powered by a 5 volt transformer (included in the package) connects to the Internet via an integrated wifi module. This allows the CUBO to interface with smartphone and tablet devices (Android 5.0 onwards and IOS 8.0 onwards) thanks to a dedicated app. It interacts with heating systems with radiators (heaters), with radiant heating systems (underfloor heating).

add remove Why does the Cube of CUBODOMO have no access and shutdown keys?

For the proper management of the heating system, the Cube must never be switched off, as this would result in a loss of system control (the Cube’s power consumption is very low). In the case of momentary electric power suspension, CUBODOMO can reactivate and reset the settings previously set by the user when reactivating.

System management, power up and shutdown is via the MyCUBODOMO app.

add remove How does the CUBODOMO probe work?

The temperature probe replaces the old chronothermostat. It measures the temperature of each room and allows, thanks to the presence of a relay, to operate the boiler on / off or to open / close a zone valve, if necessary. Thanks to the dedicated MyCUBODOMO app, it manages the different areas of the home independently by replacing the old thermostats with very intuitive virtual chronothermostats in the management.

add remove Why does the CUBODOMO probe have no screen?

To reduce costs and energy consumption by avoiding waste. However, the temperature of each room is always visible and easily manageable in real time on all devices (smartphones, tablets).

add remove How is the CUBODOMO temperature probe powered?

The temperature probe is powered by 2 AA batteries and therefore does not require wiring. This guarantees ease of installation.

add remove How do I install the CUBODOMO temperature probe?

The temperature probe can be installed in 2 different modes according to the function that must be performed within the system:

  1. When it is necessary to handle a boiler contact or the opening / closing of the zone valves must be wired;
  2. If it has the only function to monitor the room temperature, the probe can be applied directly to the wall without external connections.

add remove How accurate is CUBODOMO in temperature management?

CUBODOMO can set the temperature to a step of 0.1 degrees Celsius.

add remove How do CUBODOMO communicate with each other?

All elements of the CUBODOMO system (Cube, Probe, Actuators, Wiring Center) communicate with each other through a wireless connection (868 MHz frequency) and communicate with control devices through the Cube’s Internet connection.

add remove Can the radio waves emit from the elements of the CUBODOMO system be harmful to health?

No. The device is certified according to CE and FCC standards.

add remove Where is CUBODOMO used?

CUBODOMO is designed to work in addition to home-based office and public buildings thanks to tamper-proof controls that make it reliable and secure. For more information about PUBLIC’s system applications, please contact our sales network.

add remove What does my home need to install CUBODOMO?

The house needs an Internet connection (WiFi) and an installed heating system. The band used by the Cube for sending data communication packets is very limited.

add remove How is heating system compatible with CUBODOMO?

CUBODOMO is compatible with all major heating systems, whether centralized or autonomous. Thanks to the implementation of several components, each of which can communicate with the system intelligence (the CUBO), CUBODOMO can be applied in most air conditioning systems, radiator heating, radiant heating / cooling floors, wall or ceiling, air conditioning terminals such as fan coil. The modularity of CUBODOMO always allows for upgrades by increasing the number of components for more efficient management. In the case of transforming the radiator into a radiant system, you can continue to use CUBODOMO with the addition of some components.

add remove Can I install CUBODOMO if I have the house divided into zones with more than one thermostat?

Yes. The only benefit of CUBODOMO is to be able to handle multiple zones independently with one intelligence (CUBO), replacing the old thermostats with temperature probes.

add remove Can I use CUBODOMO with an upright column without sealing valves?

Yes. To make it possible to remotely manage a centralized column-mounted central heating system, the only solution is to operate on the individual radiators, thus using the CUBODOMO actuators, which are to activate the heating in each room each time.

add remove Can I install CUBODOMO personally?

The ability to install the system personally depends on the configuration of the system. In radiators: Yes, in the case of a central heating system, no autonomous boiler or external zone valve. NO, in the presence of a wired environment thermostat, which must be replaced with the temperature probe (included in the CUBODOMO base kit), because the regulations in force will entrust installation to qualified personnel. All other system components can be installed by the user.

add remove Will it be necessary to perform masonry works to install CUBODOMO?

No, CUBODOMO uses “wireless technology” to communicate with zone-setting devices. Therefore, it is not necessary to wire cables or perform invasive operations.

add remove Which devices allow me to manage CUBODOMO?

CUBODOMO can be managed by MyCUBODOMO apps for tablets and smartphones compatible with Android operating systems, Ios.

add remove Can I make some adjustments without using a smart device (tablet, smartphone)?

No. The key concept of CUBODOMO is to exploit the devices we always have with us (smartphones, tablets) as smart chronothermostats. This is because the adjustment through the MyCUBODOMO app is more intuitive and to avoid unwanted intervention on the part of unauthorized users.

add remove Is there a possibility to use a CUBODOMO-screened chronothermostat?

No. The best screen is what you have in your pocket. The key concept of CUBODOMO is to exploit the devices we always have with us (smartphones, tablets, PCs) as intelligent chronothermostats.

This for some simple reasons:

  • Using a wall screen to make refined settings is ineffective;

  • The screens of many chronotermostats are usually of small size, of low quality and with little intuitive controls that often make it difficult to interact;

  • The smartphone or tablet is now more and more within reach within the home wall (eg on the couch or bed and adjust);

  • Chronothermostat software, unlike an app, can not be changed or upgraded. This means that traditional chronothermostats do not keep up with the times;

  • Reduce system power consumption.

add remove Can I add accessories to CUBODOMO at any time?

Yes. The system is modular. Add-ons can be implemented at any time to adapt the system to your needs.


add remove What are the benefits of installing the CUBODOMO actuators?

The use of the actuator allows you to interact with each room individually, giving the user the ability to remotely manage (through smartphones, tablets) temperature regulation and time zones differentiated in each environment by maximizing comfort and reducing energy consumption. Actuators through proportional flow control optimize the efficiency of condensing boilers, improving their performance. The CUBODOMO complete system of actuators makes your home always connected to you and your needs, adapting to your lifestyle.

add remove How do CUBODOMO actuators work?

Each CUBODOMO actuator is installed on thermostatable radiator valves and receives radio data from the probe, modulating them individually to obtain the required temperature in each room when needed.

add remove CUBODOMO actuators measure room temperature?

Yes: The actuators have a built-in sensor that measures the proximity temperature (temperature close to the radiator) but often does not coincide with the actual room temperature. CUBODOMO uses a PATENTED ALGORITHM that can correct the proximity temperature and bring it back to room temperature, as needed for proper adjustment. CUBODOMO uses the zone in which the ambient probe is positioned as a reference (master zone) considering the difference between the temperature measured by the probe and the average of the temperature values measured by the actuators belonging to the master zone, calculating a correction coefficient to be applied to the temperature of proximity measured by actuators installed in other areas.

add remove Which radiator valves do I need to mount CUBODOMO actuators?

CUBODOMO actuators are compatible with all thermostatable valves with standard M30 x 1.5 connection. For Danfoss valves there is an adapter that makes it possible to mount it: in this case, the actuator must be used in the AS 1011 version.

add remove Are I required to have actuators in all the rooms in the house?

No. Actuators are not needed to ensure the system’s operation. Not all rooms must have the same configuration. The advantage of adjusting each individual radiator can also be exploited only in some of the rooms in the house (bathroom, bedroom, study, dining room …). It is possible to manage hybrid systems in which the radiant (floor) is flanked in some rooms (such as bathrooms) to radiators (heaters) and the modularity of the system guarantees maximum flexibility.

add remove Why do CUBODOMO actuators have no screen?

The CUBODOMO AS 1010 actuators are not displayable because the temperature shown is distorted by the proximity to the radiator and therefore does not coincide with the actual room temperature. The presence of any display would also increase the battery consumption and in many cases it would be difficult to read the positioning of the radiators.

add remove Does the CUBODOMO actuator project much out of the radiator?

No, the special design of the engine guarantees minimal grip compared to a traditional thermostatic head and other products on the market.

add remove Does the presence of curtains, boiserie and covers influence the operation of the CUBODOMO actuators?

No, any radiator cover (boiserie, drapery or any other heating cover) does not affect the correct operation of the system provided there is an ACB 01 wireless CUBODOMO temperature probe that always measures the actual room temperature.


add remove Can CUBODOMO be applied to floor heating systems?

Yes. Using the wiring center, the device allows for installation in multiple CUBODOMO wireless ACB 01 probes (thus avoiding wall work and cable pre-laying) and the wired connection of the actuators on distribution manifolds.

add remove Is it advantageous to have multi-zone floor heating management?

Yes. CUBODOMO does not turn off but modulates. It is wrong to turn off everything, moving too much room temperature from the set point. At the same time, it is a mistake to always keep on at 20 degrees. Having a smart thermostat such as CUBODOMO that allows you to set different time zones with different temperatures in individual environments is the most efficient solution. In a home not all rooms are always occupied and not all rooms must be brought to the same level of comfort as comfort: Keeping a 100 m2 flat at 20 ° C is certainly cheaper than having 70 m2 20 ° C and the other 30m2 at 18 ° C.

add remove What benefits does CUBODOMO offer to traditional on/off thermostats?

First, the possibility of freely installing the probes without having to pass cables through the walls makes installation faster and cheaper. Not only that, I can always decide to implement the number of zones by adding other probes without any intervention. In addition, the use of probes that provide the system with real ambient temperature values and not simple on / off signals (as with traditional thermostats) also allows more advanced heating system management to optimize the performance of other components such as boilers condensing, minimizing energy waste.

add remove How does CUBODOMO Wiring Center work?

The wiring center is a component of the CUBODOMO modular system. It is equipped with a RADIO module that allows dialogue with ambient probes and relay outputs that activate wired actuators or standard electrothermal actuators positioned on floor distribution manifolds or operate on zone valve servomotors. Up to 8 zones with one device can be managed. The CUBODOMO Wiring Center is then able to dial via RADIO with the CUBO from which it receives information about the temperature probes of the room probes and the settings that the user defines remotely through the Internet portal or dedicated MyCUBODOMO App. Based on the information received, the CUBODOMO Wiring Center activates or deactivates individual plant zones by opening and closing valves on collectors. Each zone is independent of the other in terms of setpoint and hourly programming, giving the user maximum flexibility: Warm when, how and where I want!

add remove If I have an already installed climate controller I can use the CUBODOMO Wiring Center?

Yes. The Wiring Center will control individual environments, while the climatic controller will handle the mixing group.

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